How do I Register?

You can easily register by submitting all of the required information on the registration page. You will also be required to upload copy of a valid government ID (Driver’s license, International Passport or state issued ID).

What is the membership fee for joining Boacon Autos?

$0 Registration Fee – Silver Membership (Limited bidding)
$100 Registration Fee – Gold Membership (live auction, unlimited bidding)
$300 Registration Fee – Platinum Membership (Live auction, unlimited bidding –All States)

What types of identification are required and how should I submit them?

Valid drivers, international passport and utility bills (for foreign bidders). You will need to upload a copy of the requested document on our website or you can email it to: registration@boaconautos.com

Is it possible to purchase a vehicle from you and register it in the US?

Yes, we are licensed Auto Dealer in the US. Purchased vehicles can be registered in the United States. Please make yourself aware of any guidelines or requirements for each State before you make a purchase. Note that bill-of-sales and other certificate of destruction can not be registered in the US.

How long does it take to receive title from a dealer or an auction?

Title is always available during vehicle pick up except for vehicles that are financed. Also note that some auction location (Maryland) will make title available after 30 days. Kindly call the auction ahead of bidding to check if title is available.

What does a salvage title mean?

It is a certificate issued to a vehicle when its repair costs go up to 75 percent of the vehicles market value. This is also done when the repairs on the cars are deemed unfeasible by insurance companies.

The commitment confirms your guaranteed interest in making a purchase.

The commitment fee is either $400 or 10% of the maximum intended bid for the vehicle, whichever is greater. Each vehicle requires its own commitment fee, so if you would like to bid on multiple lots at once, please keep this in mind. Commitment fee must be paid before you can participate at an auction.

Yes, you may request for your commitment fee to be refunded at any time prior to making a purchase. Also note that the commitment fee will be held until your purchase is paid for in full and retrieved from the auction facility. Then, you may either use the commitment fee for a different auction or request a refund. If you do win an auction but fail to complete the purchase for any reason, then your commitment fee will be forfeited and cannot be refunded.

Time frame for the refund depends on your financial organization and might take anywhere from 1 to 7 business days. There will be a $35 transaction fee to refund commitment fee via international wire transfer.

Yes, any or all of your commitment fee may be applied towards your vehicle purchase. A 5% processing fee will be charged on the “commitment fee” in order to use this method.

Not necessarily. If the car that you bid on is in a live auction, there might be floor bidders and USA car dealers that could potentially outbid you to win the vehicle. The highest bidder wins the car only if seller approves in the case of “On Approval”.

Fees vary, depending on the type of auction and the selling price. Please click link for more details

Vehicles that have a “buy now” option do not require bids and can be purchased immediately at the fixed advertised price.

Yes, auction fees are still required for “buy now” vehicles, although the fees are typically lower for these purchases than for live sale vehicles.

It is not possible to cancel a bid once it has been submitted, you may be able to cancel a bid prior to an auction starting. Please be certain before you click the button.

Your bid is less than the minimum price set by the buyer.

Vehicles can only be paid through bank wire transfers, Money order or Cashiers Check. Upon winning the auction you will receive email with invoice and information for wire transfer or you can issue out a money order or cashiers check to IAA.

You are given 3 business days to make a complete payment for a purchased vehicle; however, in order to avoid any late fees or penalties, you are strongly encouraged to complete your payment the same day that you make a successful purchase.

If full payment is not received within 3 business days you will be assessed a late fee ranging from $50 or 2% of the purchase price (whichever is greater). We will also request a copy of payment confirmation and the contact information of the sending bank. If neither payment nor payment confirmation is received within five days of the purchase, we reserve the right to relist the vehicle and you will be required to pay renege fee. Please refer to membership details.

This could be due to a few different reasons. If you paid the complete invoice amount, but did not pay within the required time frame, you need to pay a late fee of $50 or 2% of the purchase price (whichever is greater) per day. If you had a past due invoice for a previous purchase, all or part of your payment will be applied first to the previous invoice. Also, if you failed to pick up your vehicle within the set amount of time you may have assessed a $40 per day storage fee.

Depending on the location of the auction site, this process can take from three to ten days.

Our company ship vehicles from major Ports such as Delaware, New Jersey, Freeport, Savannah, Rhodes Island, Baltimore, Galveston, Florida etc.

RoRo stands for roll on, roll off. Special vessels are used to carry various types of vehicles, which are being loaded and unloaded on their own wheels. These vessels have built-in ramps that allow transport to be rolled on and off the vessel.

Once the vehicle has been loaded into the container, you will be provided with the container details such as Container #, Steamship name and link to the website where you can track estimated date of arrival of the container.

Depending on the location of the delivery port, the time could vary. You can track the estimated arrival dates of your shipment online.

Typically, Boacon Autos uses 40’HC containers that can stow 4 small or 3 medium-size cars.

As soon as we receive the original title for the vehicle from auction or dealership, it will take five to ten business days. However, estimated loading time of the vehicle depends on a variety of factors like the availability of space on the ship or in a container, the congestion at the sea port and the consolidation availability in the required direction.

In many cases, the port located closest to the location of the vehicle should be used for reducing total transportation cost. Sometimes we deliver vehicle to the port with high shipping volume to your country.

No. All dates are estimated as delays may occur due to the weather conditions or Customs formalities.

Yes, but only for Container Shipment. Please note that we do not allow any other item on the ship that might be flammable, toxic or kept under high pressure.

Yes, we provide exclusive transport services for your vehicle. Get in touch with us right now and we will arrange transportation of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, all vehicles are loaded and unloaded by independent companies, not by Boacon Autos. That is why we are not responsible for the additional damage.

Yes, we do. Oversized vehicles are loaded by the RORO method (Roll on, Roll off). Rates typically depend on the vehicle’s size, port of loading and port of destination.

We need the Original Certificate of Title for the vehicle to ship vehicle from the United States.

The documents will be shipped to your chosen address or the port agent at the chosen destination.

After the vessel has departed from the United States, you will be sent the original title for the vehicle along with its Bill of Lading (BOL) and other transport documents.

You should get in touch with your Port agent whose details will be/was provided in the bill of lading document sent to you. The agent is responsible for the process of unloading the vehicles and will provide additional documents if required.

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